We only hire the best IT professionals, engineers, and technicians to be a part of our national team.

Become a team member

FS24-7 provides nationwide 24x7 remote support for our clients. Our associates must have flexible hours, so that when we issue a service request, our associates have an opportunity to respond. That means that this is not something where we are available to offer extra work to technicians who are just looking for some "after hours" work.

It is not a requirement that you "take" every job notification you are sent. We expect that you have your own business. We only require that you respond promptly to our request, as we are working to respond effectively to our clients' requests. We have found that the quicker


Tools of the trade

The minimum requirement for us to respond to a call includes the following hardware:

  • WiFi enabled laptop with a terminal emulation software like Hyperterminal or Minicom and TFTP server
  • USB-serial adapter (if your laptop doesn't have a DB9 serial port)
  • Cell phone (properly charged)
  • Standard tool kit (screwdrivers, wirecutters, etc.)
  • Lineman's handset (butt set/test set)
  • Punch down tool
  • Ethernet patch cable
  • Ethernet crossover cables
  • Cisco console cable
  • Loopback plugs
  • DB9 serial cable

There is a lot more information that we will provide you when you join us. Until then, if the above information meets with your current business profile, contact us on our technicians page.